2018 Best Puzzle Toys for kids

Every parent hold their children to be interested in learning, and certainly not lacking educational toys and purely ridiculous choices just for laughter.

In a small stage of development - from birth to five years old - there are plenty of  puzzle toys out there that let their brains work and creativity flow, but the most classic and exciting toys are that simple puzzle. Puzzles not only stimulate the minds of young and old, but also help young children learn key skills such as problem solving and teamwork.

Some of the educational benefits provided by the puzzle include improving memory skills, establishing hand-eye coordination, and increasing speed.

When choosing the perfect puzzle for your child, it's important to choose a puzzle that fits your age, so it's not too easy or too difficult.

If you are buying for a young child, you should pay attention to interesting and colorful choices as these will allow them to participate longer.

You can't miss the puzzles that attract their interest and blend in with their favorite things. Whether your child is fascinated by animals or planets, there are many interesting themes to suit every taste.

Here are some of our Funyroots top choices for each age group.

189Pcs Planet Rover Car Intelligent Construction Set 3D Metal Model Kit DIY Gift Model

Recommended Age: ages 8 and up

Create a cool Planet Rover Car with this new 3D puzzle. With unique bends, hinges and flats, you can create vivid 3D vehicles. Sturdy after completion, the surface is easy to clean, no peeling, no peeling, and most importantly - no glue required. Another aspect that is confusing!

$9.99 | FunyRoots But it now

126Pcs Space Shuttle Receiving Station Intelligent Construction Set 3D Metal Model Kit DIY Gift Model

Recommended Age: ages 8 and up

A great toy for children's intellectual development.
Cultivate your child's interests and enhance your child's hands-on skills.
Include the necessary tools and just start building your work.
The finished work is the “perfect picture” decoration of each room.
Special metal material process.

$9.57 | FunyRoots But it now

Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit

Recommended Age: ages 8 and up

An exciting adventure in paleontology. Experience the fun by carefully exploring the bones of the neighborhood using the tools and techniques of paleontologists. Hidden inside the gypsum rock, you must find the ancient dinosaurs hidden inside. Once the bones are removed from the plaster, you can assemble the bones into dinosaurs. Make your bedroom a micro museum space because you've found a great dinosaur treasure.

$6.99 | FunyRoots But it now

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