Why do people like the Catan Board Game Cards Game?

Board games originated in Germany and have been popular in Europe and the United States for decades,make friends. In foreign countries, the content of table games involves war, trade, culture, art, urban construction, history and many other aspects, mostly using paper materials and exquisite models. This is a face-to-face game that emphasizes communication. Therefore, table games are the best way to communicate in various situations such as family leisure, friends gathering, and even business and leisure. At the beginning of this century, it also landed in China and was very popular among white-collar workers.

From the nature of BG, I have to mention that it has a good name - no plugin games.
In my opinion, unplugging is the biggest feature of BG, which distinguishes it from other games. The reason for not inserting is because most of these games use paper materials (or use beautiful model aids) without the need for other electronic devices. It's not plugged in, but it has the features of online games - BG is a face-to-face game that emphasizes communication. Therefore, BG is a game for friends and family to party. It's not inserted, so it has a more pure and simple game. Many video game designers around the world are looking for inspiration for BG or testing their new ideas in BG.
BoardGame games are usually designed for multiplayer games for 2-10 people. The game is not divided between men, women, children, and young people. The rules of the game are easy to understand and interesting, and can maximize the interaction between players. The game is rich in content, and the topics involve war, history, trade, culture, art, urban construction, investment and financial management. The layout of the game varies, and each game is different and interesting.
The charm of table games
The form of table games is healthy, rich in content, and the process is lively and interesting. It can not only train participants' strategic thinking, overall planning, logical reasoning, negotiation skills, verbal expression, teamwork and many other aspects, but also promote face-to-face communication. Enhancing understanding and friendship, it is widely favored by the middle class and has become an inevitable choice for European and American white-collar workers in entertainment, social interaction and dating.
The Catan board game card must be a good toy, so you can spend time with your family and friends to enhance your relationship. No matter how old you are, you can easily learn how to play this game.What are the rules of this game?
In the blue ocean, there is a lonely and beautiful island called catan. The island is full of flowers and flowers, and the seasons are like spring. The white sheep in the grass perched in groups, and the towering trees in the forest went straight to the clouds. The golden wheat on the fertile land descended with the wind, and the hard stone hills were sheltered.

One day, a few pages of white sails drifted across the sea, and several different people saw this paradise. They were amazed at the island's rich resources and beautiful scenery. Everyone wants to occupy the land and open up territory. They are settlers.
However, Catan is just an island in the ocean with limited space and limited resources. In order to avoid excessive competition, settlers began preliminary construction actions. If anyone in this initial action relies on planned deployment and gets 10 points for the first time, he will win the battle. Since then, he has owned the magical land of Catan. Other settlements are willing to lead. retreat.

They stipulate that each person can repair three buildings, roads, villages, castles and roads during this initial construction, but there is no value, but this is a necessary means to expand their power. In addition to the first two strongholds, the village can only build a village where the road stretches, indicating that it has scored 1 point. The castle can only be upgraded on the basis of the village. If a village is upgraded to a castle, it will receive 2 points.

In order to increase the difficulty and interest of this initial construction, let truly savvy people own and develop this rich land, settle and negotiate, and only allow each person to establish up to 5 villages (one point) in these 5 villages. Up to 4 castles (2 per seat) can be upgraded.
Come and imagine yourself in the era of discovery: After a long journey of extreme poverty, your ship has finally reached the coast of an unknown island. Its name should be Catan! But you are not the only discoverer. Other fearless seafarers also landed on the Catan coast: the start of the settlement of the island has begun!

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