Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit

Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer Kit

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If you're a soccer fan, don't just sit there and be a fan forever, play the game too! Start with this Revolutionary Self-Training Soccer Kit and train like a pro!

This ingenious product allows you to practice your soccer skills and master techniques conveniently.

Practice just about anywhere to build skills, develop confidence and improve shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball-control and throw-ins!

This soccer trainer is designed for solo soccer training. It can improve your skills to control the ball, shooting, passing, receiving, dribbling, throw-in, goalkeeper skills. It is suitable for players of all levels, forward or goalkeeper alike.

MASTER BALL CONTROL - Gain more control of the ball and refine your technique. This premium soccer trainer helps maximize touches and improve passing, dribbling, and overall footwork. Bring your game to the next level with the Soccer Trainer.

FORGET THE CHASE - The Soccer Trainer has a high-quality cord that stretches up to 5-25 ft. and a durable tethered waistband. Stop losing time chasing the ball as you perfect your performance, maximize ball touches, and build muscle memory.

PASS LIKE A PRO - Develop confidence with the Soccer Trainer, Premium Soccer Trainer. Keep your eye on the goal as you practice independently so you’ll be ready for every game. Improve shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, and throw-ins.

TRUE ROLLS AND BOUNCES - This Soccer Trainer is essential for anyone who is serious about getting noticed on the field as you gain more authority over the ball. Get max touches with true rolls and bounces in practice, drills, or at home.

The set includes an adjustable cord that stretches up to approximately 16 ft. tied up to a sturdy waistband so you won't need to run after the ball after kicking it. Plus, it also has a neoprene ball glove that fits different ball sizes as well.

Solo soccer trainer, designed for solo soccer training, give you the max touches.
Improve ball control skills, shooting, passing, receiving, dribbling, throwing, etc.
Adjustable belt with fastener tape to fit most players.
4.3' highly elastic cord stretches up to 10'.
Adjustable neoprene ball glove fits size 3, 4, and 5 soccer balls (not included).

Material: Neoprene
Belt Length: 94cm / 3.1ft
Cord Length: 130cm / 4.3ft
Ball Glove: 13.8 * 13.8cm / 5.4 * 5.4in
Package Size: 27 * 18.5 * 1.5cm / 10.6 * 7.3 * 0.6in
Package Weight: 92g / 3.2oz
Hands Free Solo Soccer Ball Trainer - Self-Training Soccer Kit
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